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Your Starter Kit for a Grand Opening

Grand openings are exciting occasions for business owners, usually representing a time of growth and new beginnings for their trade. But they can also mean a lot of planning and figuring out promotional needs to ensure your grand opening goes off without a hitch.

Never fear! We’re here to give you a run-down of what you need to ensure you have the best grand opening ever.

How Cheap Promotional Items are Killing Your Marketing

Pens that break apart minutes after leaving a trade show booth, can koozies that are ripping at the seams, paper-thin tote bags and other throwaway promotional products are useless and burn through your marketing budget. Every year, millions of dollars are spent from...

The Case of Wacky Promotions

Our modern world is loud. At every turn, consumers are bombarded with messages from companies on their computers, phones, TVs, all trying to do the same thing - to get them to buy their product or service - and they have gotten good at tuning out the chatter. In...

The Case of Customer Loyalty

As more and more consumers make the shift to e-commerce, there has been an increase in customer loyalty programs. According to Sophia Bernazzani in her article The Beginner’s Guide to Building a Customer Loyalty Program from Hubspot, “Research shows that 52% of loyal...

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