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When your business or family needs an attorney, finding someone that cares can be difficult.

At Ben Grover Law, PLC, Ben Grover dedicates himself to changing that. Grover excels at providing his clients caring and individualized legal services. Ben works hard to understand your unique situation, so that he can provide you with the most prudent advice and documents you need. Ben believes that protecting his clients is not a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. job, and he makes himself available to clients beyond business hours to ensure that his clients have peace of mind, and understand the legal steps that Ben takes for his clients.

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Ben Grover Law strives to protect you from the unknown and to eliminate surprises.

Ben Grover focuses his practice in providing top legal protection for small businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals and families, engaged in business or the sale of real estate. Whether you need assistance in protecting your business, or you are purchasing or selling your home, Ben will provide you individualized top-rate legal services and counseling.

Our Specialties

We have a vast practice.

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Business Entity formation

Business Entity housekeeping

Running your business

Business Succession Planning

Commercial & residential real estate


What Ben Grover Law, PLC Can Do For You

Figuring out where to start when you need legal services can be intimidating. But Ben Grover Law, PLC wants to make it easier for you. With a vast practice, Grover can help with top legal protection for small businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals and families, engaged in business or the sale of real estate.

A breakdown of some of the areas practiced include:

Running your business

Employment Agreements

Employee Handbooks

Independent Contractor Agreements

Non-Competition Agreements

Confidentiality Agreements

Service Agreements

Consumer Agreements

Supplier Agreements

Distribution Agreements

Sales Representative Agreements

Purchase Agreements

Lease Agreements

Custom Tailored Agreements for Your Business

business entity formation

Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Organization

Corporate By-Laws

Shareholder Agreements

Operating Agreements

Partnership Agreements

Stock Issuance

Business entity housekeeping

Corporate/Company Minutes

Corporate/Company Resolutions

Corporate/Company Filings

business succession planning

Asset Purchase Agreements

Stock Purchase Agreements

Buy Sell Agreements

Entity Dissolution

commercial & residential real estate

Lease Agreements

Purchase Agreements

Land Contracts

Due Diligence

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West Michigan

Ben is proud to serve the West Michigan community, and has made his firm’s home in Grand Rapids. Ben does his best to be accessible to clients day and night, and makes client satisfaction a top priority. If you need a lawyer that cares about you and your business contact Ben now at (616) 323-1236 or!


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